The road is long and long, and the line is coming; if you don't stop, the future can be expected

  Road resistance and long, line will come; We will continue to count down the year 2019.

  You must be rewarded for your efforts.

  Looking back over the past year,

  You'll find,

  With you as a witness to Angelid's growth,

  Angelides has always been there for you.

  PART 1 Our staff activities -- enrich staff's leisure cultural life and enhance team cohesion.

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  Our fitness test

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  Watching the Wandering Earth

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  Badminton competition

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  Moganshan Expansion Tour

  PART 2 Our staff training - to meet the needs of self-growth of employees, but also improve the efficiency of the enterprise, promote the overall development of employees and sustainable development of the enterprise.

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  Acoustics Training

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  Fire Safety training

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  Emergency safety management training

  PART 3: Our exhibition -- with a number of products to shine 2019 annual exhibition, with leading science and technology for the public transport industry to bring safety, energy saving, environmental protection flame retardant heat insulation noise reduction materials.

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  BUSWORLD Kortrijk, Belgium

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  Bus equipment and technology exhibition

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  China Road Transport Vehicle Exhibition

  PART 4 Our achievements -- through continuous efforts and innovation, our products have achieved a new breakthrough in flame retardant, heat insulation and noise reduction, which has won wide recognition in the industry and established angelide as a leader in the field of flame retardant, noise reduction and heat insulation.

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  China Road Transport Vehicle Exhibition

  It won two awards of 2019 "Safety technology Innovation Product" and "Environmental Technology Innovation product"

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  Build your own sound-absorbing lab

  Glory belongs to the past, the future has a long way to go,

  Say goodbye to 2019,

  Angelide will embark on a new journey,

  Stay true to your original aspiration and forge ahead.

  Forge ahead and embrace the future!