People must be atmospheric

  To be a man, we must be a magnanimous person, with a big enough framework, a clear mind and an indifferent attitude.

  I remember when I was in college, I especially liked a couplet, which was like this: "Big belly can tolerate things that are difficult to tolerate in the world; Laugh at the ridiculous people of the world. At that time, I was still young and full of energy. I always felt that it was the atmosphere not to care about gains and losses, not to care about fame and wealth. After many things, I now have a certain understanding of the word atmosphere. Atmosphere is a person to do things demeanor, attitude, temperament, etc., is a person's comprehensive accomplishment, is a form from the inside out. There are mainly three aspects: to people, to things and to yourself. First, to people to be tolerant, open-minded, broad-minded. The ancients said: "a gentleman should tolerate what others cannot tolerate, tolerate what others cannot tolerate, and treat what others cannot". So treat friends, relatives and colleagues should be good at communication, stand in each other's perspective, understand each other more, treat each other honestly, common development. Second, to the matter, to detached. I remember that there is such a line in a popular sketch that a day passes as soon as one's eyes close and open. Eyes closed or not open, a lifetime has passed, for life and death, everything is small, today's big injustice may feel nothing tomorrow, when we encounter anything can do normal heart, rational to look at the problem, maybe there will be different results. Third, be open-minded and self-conscious about yourself. A person, living in the real society, will inevitably be infected with some bad habits, at the same time there will be some grievances, eat a little loss, these need us to reflect on often, often give up, often indifferent. So that you can have a better version of yourself, not depressed, not complaining.

  The atmosphere looks confused, but it is discerning; Strive to be an atmosphere of people, low-key life, high-profile work, overcome ego, mature ego.

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