Introspection is a kind of competitiveness

  Whether in daily life, or in the workplace, we will encounter a variety of problems, after the problem, to escape, or self-reflection, analysis of the cause, learn lessons, different practices to intercept different life.

  Problems, in the eyes of the people, is an opportunity to improve business ability; For others, it may be a chance to be a "pan Shaker." But that's the way a lot of things are. If you're not tough on yourself, others will be. If you are not willing to own up to mistakes, they will come back to bite you down.

  Introspection is like looking at yourself in a mirror, showing your imperfections, cleaning up, arranging, adding and removing as necessary, so as to avoid flaws and make yourself perfect. It is not hard to see from life examples that people who make things better and better know that "every day I look back on myself". And those who do things to feel worse and worse, most of the people used to the status quo, shirking responsibility, using excuses to cover up mistakes, with shirking responsibility to make themselves feel at ease, even if wrong is wrong.

  There is a saying: "do not have to, look back on yourself." Encounter setbacks, good at self-reflection, in order to go faster, go farther.

  Introspection, in the final analysis, is actually a kind of competitiveness.

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