Talent Strategy

    People oriented

    The company attaches great importance to talents and regards people as the most precious resource. It constantly improves the salary and welfare system with market competitiveness, establishes performance assessment and incentive mechanism, creates targeted learning and growth plan, and establishes fair and just selection and promotion mechanism, so as to promote the coordinated development and common growth of the company and people.

    "Open" Talent strategy

    External: implement "talent Return" and "talent Circulation" programs;

    Internally: adopt the strategy of focusing on the cultivation of internal talents.

    Establish and improve human resource management mechanism

    Competitive recruitment mechanism: optimize the selection mechanism, and select the middle and senior management team through competitive recruitment and reserve talent selection, so as to be fair, just and open.

    Assessment and incentive mechanism: Introduce KPI assessment mechanism under the balanced Scorecard system, establish practical assessment and incentive schemes, stimulate employees' potential and motivate them.

    Training mechanism: create targeted learning and growth plans, provide abundant and personalized training and learning opportunities for employees through a variety of ways, and constantly improve the knowledge, skills and quality of employees in various professional fields.

Recruitment area

  • Sales elite +-

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. In the early stage, the company will provide customer resources, product support and training, and the regional manager will lead the processing of domestic and foreign sales orders;

    2. Deal with customer orders, accumulate customer resources, and be responsible for product publicity, promotion and sales in the region;

    3. Made my own sales plan, visited customers and developed new customers according to the plan;

    4. Assist regional manager in developing sales strategy, sales plan, sales budget and controlling sales cost;

    5. Responsible for the signing, performance and management of sales contracts;

    6. Summarized and coordinated the source demand plan, and made the source allocation plan.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Have high enthusiasm for automobile industry and sales.

    2. Passionate in work and love sales. Have your own career goals, high salary.

    The company provides a complete promotion mechanism for employees: technical sales consultant - regional manager - regional manager - marketing director. Generous welfare benefits, early unconditional support employees into the industry, to help employees improve performance. And to provide employees with the largest development platform and customer resources, as well as a complete product knowledge training and career development planning training. We don't need you to have a lot of experience, just love and passion!