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  Angelet Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. In the beginning of the founding, it innovatively introduced in the scheme of safety, energy-saving and noise reduction solution, which has integrated flame retardant, thermal insulation and noise reduction, into China5 s traffic and transportation field. Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of "Heart with honest, act with sincerity", survive by quality, develop by service, and base on the front of the market.  In order to better satisfy and improve product of fire retardant, thermal insulation, deadened the noise reduction performance, led by Beijing a majorjle DE technology co., LTD. In 2017 and successfully created in Germany the SDR technology innovative environmental protection enterprises, specializing in thermal insulation materials, building materials, filter material and flame retardant noise reduction materials in the research, development, manufacturing, processing and sales. Focus on the transportation industry to provide fire retardant, noise reduction, heat insulation solutions and service platform; We are committed to providing diversified and professional new materials for the field of air filtration, and try our best to create a healthy and comfortable dust-free environment.
  Angelet participated in the drafting of the industry standard for the development of JT / T 1095-2016 "Flame resistance of commercial bus interior material " in 2015. The formulation and implementation of the safety standard of the industry , has greatly improved safety quality of China's passenger vehicles, pushed the new quality revolution in the passenger vehicles industry, and has also laid the foundation for Angelet to be the leader in flame retardant, noise reduction and thermal insulation material field. Products are widely used in the domestic automotive industry, rail transportation, high-end noise reduction in the construction field, and precision filtration. 

  After five years of market accumulation,with her own international strategic vision, Angelet has introduced and absorbed international advanced technology and management experience, linked to the global superior resources, and took the technical route of collaborative research and development. In 2017, We have established a modern industrial base in Wuxi, China, in a joint venture with SDR of Germany. Specializing in research and development and production of new environmental protection materials for flame retardant, noise reduction and thermal insulation, Committed to building a national brand with independent intellectual property rights. For China's traffic and transportation system, provided the solution and service platform about safety, energy-saving and environmental protection.

  Advanced automatic production line, powerful goods supply guarantee capacity, serious quality control system, and innovative operation management mode , have constantly improved the international influence of the brand of Angelet. In 2018, while developing products and successfully verifying the market, the first order in Europe was welcomed after three months of batch production. In 2019, the company passed the IATF16949 quality management system certification of TUV in Germany. In the same year, higher quality C-series and Q-series fire blanket series were developed, which can withstand the long-time burning of butane spray gun up to 1350 ℃ without transmitting flame, and has excellent thermal insulation performance. In 2020, Angelet was successfully rated as “Jiangsu high tech enterprise”, and continued to develop a series of flame retardant and thermal insulation products with higher performance.

  In an era of quality revolution, Angelet remains on the top class in its industry, innovation-driven, puts quality in the first place, and sticks to green development, and intelligently opens up its future at a global scale.

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