Angelet attended the 2018 China Road Transport Association Urban Passenger Transport Branch and the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up Public Transport Development Summit Forum

  Recently, the Urban Passenger Transport Branch of China Road Transport Association and the Public Transport Development Summit Forum for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up was held in Beijing International Convention Center. The meeting was attended by bus companies from all over the world, such as Mianyang Bus, Yibin Bus, Rizhao bus, Dali bus, and many well-known bus manufacturers, such as Foton Automobile, There are also auto parts manufacturers that have been committed to bus industry for a long time, such as Changjiang Glass, which focuses on bus glass industry, Geke transmission Technology, which is committed to bus bridge system, Michelin bus renovation and many other member units. As a practitioner of the public transport-related industry, Angelet was also invited. Hou Yali, sales director of The North Region, attended the meeting on behalf of Angelet.

  Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, as one of the important urban infrastructure, urban public transport industry, under the kind care of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, the attention and support of party committees and governments at all levels, the national public transport industry has made great achievements attracting worldwide attention. Now, with the support of the local government, urban residents' travel conditions have improved significantly, and the reform of ticket sales methods, such as unmanned ticket sales, IC card ticket and other payment methods, are constantly adapting to the multi-level and diversified travel needs of the people.

  This meeting has carried on the summary to this year's work, affirmed in this period has made the achievement, has carried on the discussion to the difficulty of the public transportation problem under the current new situation, the pain point. The meeting emphasized to give full play to the role of advisors and assistants, actively participate in the construction of a transport power, play a role of Bridges, and actively coordinate to solve hot and difficult problems of public transport enterprises; Give full play to the role of coordination and organization, and constantly enhance the influence of industry associations; Give full play to the functions of professional work departments and training bases to build a learning and exchange platform for the industry; Play the role of service and guarantee, and constantly strengthen the association's own construction; Play a cohesive role, form a joint force to seek the development of the association. Meeting work plan are also put forward new requirements for the coming year, the year 2019 is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" critical period of continuity, is the key to the construction of traffic power period, under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, the bus should constantly strengthen the service consciousness, to implement the self-discipline and coordination functions, fully play a role of bridge and the link between the government and enterprises, To promote the national public transport industry to deepen reform, high-quality development for the public transport industry, to contribute to the construction of a powerful transport country.

  A majorjle DE for a long time, has been committed to the production, research and development of passenger car interior flame retardant materials, in recent years, the ongoing technological innovation, promote industrial upgrading has made brilliant achievements, developed the flame retardant performance, noise reduction, insulation performance is good environmental protection material, and is widely used with each big bus companies, the escort for passenger safety, It provides a powerful security guarantee for bus operation safety. In response to the call of national construction of transportation power, Angelet will also actively practice the people-oriented urban concept of public transportation, constantly deepen technical innovation, actively coordinate and strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the industry, to promote the high-quality development of the public transportation industry to contribute their own strength.