Committed to "Made in China" from big to strong Angelet flame-retardant material 3.0 unveiled at Tianjin Bus Show

  The CTIB2018 international passenger transportation equipment and technology exhibition opened at meijiang convention and exhibition center in tianjin on April 20, 2018. In this exhibition, Beijing Angelet Technology Co., LTD. 's flame retardant material 3.0 iteration appeared, to promote the bus product safety and energy saving upgrade to make an example.

  At the Angelet auto show

  "Today is an important node of the 3.0 iteration of flame retardant materials, and also a critical moment for the development of Beijing Angelet Technology Co., LTD." Xie Chaopin, president of Beijing Anjielide Technology Co., LTD, said, "The change from 1.0 to 3.0 means that China not only has its own flame retardant materials in line with the standards of advanced countries such as Germany, Britain and the United States, but also has the ability to compete with the flame retardant materials of passenger cars in the world. The solution of the core technology of flame retardant materials will improve the safety, energy saving and environmental protection of Chinese buses."



  Angelet CEO Xie Chaopin delivered a speech

  Xie Chaopin introduced that when providing fire retardant solutions to the market, he found that because of the import of products, customs clearance, customs clearance, and thousands of miles of transportation, not only increase the cost, but also make the product supply cycle efficiency is low; More critically, it is hard to make the improvements the market needs because it is under the control of others. To this end, Angelet decided to create its own brand of flame retardant materials based on the digestion and absorption of flame retardant materials technology.



  Xie Chaopin explains flame retardant materials

  In 2017, Angelet cooperated with SDR, a German company, as well as well-known experts in China to develop flame retardant materials belonging to Angeletbrand. After testing, the product's noise reduction, heat insulation and smoke toxicity indexes not only meet the standards of developed countries like Germany, Britain and the United States, but also some indexes are higher than their standards, such as oxygen index and smoke density. It is worth mentioning that the flame-retardant materials of Angelet fully meet the standards of Chinese rail buses, and their performance is far better than those of European buses. Moreover, the flame-retardant materials developed by Angelet also have the function of heat preservation and noise reduction, which is undoubtedly a good news for the comfort and energy saving of passenger cars.



  Display of Angelet flame retardant materials



  Angelet booth

  With the success of product development, Angelet has set up its own factory in Wuxi. According to Xie Chaopin, after the plant is completed and put into operation, the price of flame retardant materials will be more competitive, and more importantly, the supply cycle will be down, and the service radius will be shortened. This makes Angelet solutions to provide, after - sale service efficiency are more convenient and fast.

  Angelet people will not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission, constantly improve technology, enhance service quality, better products to the market, to promote the bus safety to contribute to our strength!