Angelet high-performance flame-retardant thermal insulation materials appeared at busworld in Belgium

  Recently, the World Bus Expo hosted by the World Bus Alliance was held in Brussels, capital of Belgium. The biennial BUSWORLD Kortrijk in Belgium can be said to be the vane of the development trend of buses in the world. With the rise of Chinese buses in the world, "Made in China" has also become an indispensable part of BUSWORLD Kortrijk, the world's top bus exhibition.


  Today, more than from the world famous vehicle manufacturers, as well as many passenger car parts enterprises gathered here, here the world passenger car manufacturing and application of industry connected to coach new technologies, new trends converge here, the Chinese passenger car industry is also through such platforms with deep communication with the world passenger car, learning, and complementary. Angelet high-performance flame retardant and heat insulation nano fire blanket made its debut in the European exhibition, and opened the prelude to the European market.