Angelet was invited to attend the Jilin Public Transport Association

  On August 30, 2018, the sixth third Council of Jilin City Public Transport Association was successfully held in Hulanhot. Members of public transport from all over the country discussed the development prospects of enterprises, exchanged industry experience and promoted the construction of urban public transport. As a member of the council, Angelet was also invited. The sales director of Northern Region represented Angelet to attend the meeting.

  The meeting listened to and deliberated the jilin Province urban public transport association chairman Mr. Sun Donglin's work report. Affirmed the achievements made in the past year, including the relevant documents and conference spirit to convey to the member units, the construction of the bus platform, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the urban bus industry. Over the past year, the Council has made new contributions to promoting the healthy development of the public transport industry by actively promoting the interconnectivity between the council, enterprises and government departments, unblocking the channels of expression, focusing on the actual difficulties of enterprises and understanding the forefront of The Times. During this period, the council carried out a basic survey of the public transport industry, reflecting the development of public transport in various places, providing reference data for the public transport department, and providing data support for enterprises to understand their own situation and the public transport department.

  In addition, the council also carried out a survey on the use of new energy vehicles in some urban public transport enterprises, and the data show that the proportion of new energy vehicles in each region is increasing, which reflects the new requirements of the central government for environmental protection in the new era. The council will also be caused by the good experience, good products, existing problems to the needs of the bus enterprises, which is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the enterprise's own development, industry resource integration.

  The meeting also analyzed the current situation and existing problems of the public transport industry in Jilin Province, and put forward practical suggestions to speed up the development of urban public transport, including strengthening the construction of supporting facilities around public transport, infrastructure construction, encouraging public transport, and the separation of public transport and subway complementary and so on. These suggestions will effectively promote the construction of efficient bus system, improve the quality of bus service, and improve the level of intelligent application, such as more convenient payment methods, will also provide more convenient travel services for the public.

  After the meeting, the council members also inspected the local intelligent bus, the construction of the station, as well as the government's subsidy to the bus, and exchanged experience on the actual situation.

  A majorjle DE as domestic transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection technology application in the field of leader, will also efforts to improve its product performance level, the development of new materials, as the security escort, to new energy automobiles, vigorously promote application of new energy vehicles, in the field of public transport safety, green travel contribute their strength.