Angelet attends the 2018 Beijing Bus Technology Development Forum when the bus is safe

  On May 28, 2018, the 2018 Bus Technology Development Forum with bus safety as the core was successfully held in Beijing. The forum was co-sponsored by the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, the Bus Branch of China Highway Society and Beijing Angelet Technology Co., LTD. The conference was attended by senior managers from various companies in the field of bus safety production, senior executives from passenger transport companies, safety management technicians and researchers.

  China, as an emerging country in automobile industry, has gradually grown from obscurity and backward technology into a pivotal force in the world bus market in the past ten years. It is not only the largest market and country in the world bus, but also the technological level, manufacturing capacity and product quality have been substantially improved. As early as 1997, the country issued the mandatory standard of the bus products, and formulated a set of practical standards for the interior of the car, safety glass, safety belt, etc. Under the new situation of the new era, the country also put forward new requirements for the safety of the bus, which will undoubtedly accelerate the standardization of the bus in our country.

  Angelet CEO Xie Chaopin delivered a speech

  At the meeting, the Ministry of Public Security traffic management research Institute researcher Ying Chaoyang on improving the safety of bus operation, the strict implementation of bus safety standards expressed opinions. Passenger bus is the main vehicle of passenger road transportation, the safe operation of passenger bus is an important guarantee of passenger life and property safety, strict implementation of passenger car safety standards is responsible for the performance of passenger life and property, but also the practice of national passenger car safety standards. In addition, Gong Jianqiang, a researcher of the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, combed and analyzed the management system of operating buses in China, analyzed the factors affecting the safe operation of buses, took corresponding measures to strengthen the safety management of bus operation, and guaranteed the safe operation of buses from the management system.



  German technical experts and Xie Chaopin group photo

  Angelet, as a leader in the application of automobile safety and environmental protection technology, has been committed to the field of bus safety, constantly improving its own technical level, the pursuit of excellence in quality, to escort the safe operation of buses. At the meeting, Angelet CEO Xie Chaopin delivered a speech on the safe operation of buses, and introduced the company's latest products, showing the differences between old products and new products, including the smoke toxicity and combustion characteristics of interior materials, etc. The product is once again on past product innovation, both in terms of noise, thermal insulation products, or oxygen index, smoke density, etc., should be better than the before products, this operation will provide strong support for passenger safety, the development and application of new technology, also is the international advanced level of the community, for our country independent production of the development of new materials is of great significance.



  Angelet booth & Xie Chaopin show product features

  Countries meeting in the end, the new line of inter-provincial passenger transportation group Beijing co., LTD general manager assistant Sun Sheng and China passenger car safety evaluation management center senior engineer YouGuoPing respectively on passenger security specification in the application of enterprise and passenger safety assessment data, higher technology is discussed and analyzed, everyone to actively participate in the discussion.



  All participants attend the awards dinner



  Awards and certificates

  In the evening, the 2018 China Road Transport Cup award dinner was held in the auditorium. Angelet won the "China Road Transport Cup" 2018 Annual Safety Technology Innovation Award and 2018 Annual Best Environmental Protection Technology Award. Angelet will continue to innovate, keep improving, focus on the international vision, create safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy saving products, for China's traffic safety and transportation industry to contribute their own strength!