Fighting the epidemic, being on the front line, Angelet is in action

  At the beginning of 2020, a novel coronavirus outbreak swept across the whole of China with strong infectiity and rapid spread of the virus. The situation was so severe and urgent that transportation was almost cut off/enterprises were forced to stop production and people's goods and lives were not guaranteed, causing a huge impact and harm to people's lives. The social and economic losses are incalculable. As if yesterday and today, the time interval is short, but it gives people a sense of change. The rampant virus hit, so that the whole Chinese people into a war without smoke.

  Facing the outbreak of the epidemic, Angelet has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic and actively responding to and implementing the national epidemic prevention and control strategy. As an enterprise with a sense of responsibility and mission, Angelet has been taking action to fight against the epidemic.

  ● The health and safety of employees is the most valuable asset of The development of Angelet. Since the spread of the epidemic, Angelet has actively collected and publicized COVID-19 related knowledge and news trends to improve the awareness and prevention and control ability of all staff.

  ● In order to effectively prevent the transmission of the epidemic, Angelet decided to extend the Spring Festival holiday to February 10 (the 17th day of the first lunar month), and will inform the return time according to the situation of the epidemic control. During the period, all employees keep the telephone unblocked 24 hours in order to timely understand the health status of employees;

  ● In view of the severe situation of the rapid spread of the epidemic, Angelet leaders attach great importance to improve the prevention and control system in the office area during the epidemic prevention; In response to the notice issued by the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Office, people returning to Beijing were ordered to self-quarantine at home for two weeks, clock in and report their physical condition and temperature, and assign special personnel for statistics and monitoring. During this period, all employees kept their phone lines open 24 hours a day so as to know their health status in a timely manner.

  ● Special period, Angelet timely establish safety and epidemic prevention system, daily regular disinfection, strictly prevent the epidemic, effectively protect the health and life safety of workers.





  Monitor body temperature and set up related books.

  Publicity of epidemic prevention and preparation of epidemic prevention and disinfection materials.

  Anjielide Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of high-quality non-woven materials and composite materials, and specializes in the research and development and production of fire-retardant, noise reduction, heat insulation new environmental protection materials, products involved in aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, automobile, construction, purification and filtration and other industrial fields. For domestic automobile manufacturing industry and transportation industry to provide environmental protection and energy saving solutions and service platform. In the face of the epidemic, the company actively responded to the call, donated 100,000 yuan for the epidemic area and distributed free epidemic protective equipment for the company's employees, tracked the health of employees in time, popularized the knowledge of protection, we do our best to contribute to the protection of the epidemic area.



  Although we Angeletpeople can not fight in the forefront, but we always stick to the post, start from their own start from the details, help each other. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Angelet actively responded to the relevant national policies, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, improve the epidemic prevention system, strictly prohibit contact with foreign personnel and strengthen their own isolation, so as to keep dangerous sources out of the door, prevent internal proliferation and external input; At the same time, procurement of medical masks and disinfectants to do the office area disinfection workers; In addition, strengthen daily physical examination, temperature measurement, symptom prediction, regular ventilation and disinfection of the office and other environments.



  In the special period, Angelet will continue to carry forward the spirit of "unremitting self-improvement, unremitting life", unite as one, overcome difficulties together, and help the national epidemic prevention and control!