Angelet takes multiple measures to help companies resume work and production

  Since the spread of the epidemic, people have been quarantining themselves at home and businesses have been forced to stop production. This has caused great damage to China's economy, which is on the rise, and caused great inconvenience to People's Daily life and travel. Now, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, and the "work resumption mode" has begun. With the arrival of the "work resumption wave", workers are returning to their posts one after another, and the mobility of those returning to work is increasing, and the epidemic prevention and control is also facing a major test.

  With the resumption of work in full operation, Angelet has actively done a good job in epidemic prevention, improved the daily prevention and control system during the epidemic, and urged staff to do a good job in epidemic prevention. Angelet has taken a number of measures to prevent the outbreak:

  1. Staff entry and exit management and temperature measurement;

  2. Office area shall be regularly disinfected with medical alcohol and 84 disinfectant;

  3. Put the tableware in the disinfection cabinet for daily disinfection;

  4. During the epidemic, leave work one hour earlier, stagger the evening rush hour, and try to avoid concentrated contact with people;

  5. Prepare disposable masks, N95 masks, shoe covers, hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention materials, and urge employees to take good personal protection to ensure the internal safety of the enterprise.





  In the current special period of epidemic prevention, a majorjle for online training, using WeChat telephone calls and such forms as the sales staff training, "charging" for the sales staff, play to the advantages of online training without contact, to gather, make full use of the fragmentation of good employees time, comprehensive sales skills, and a series of special business, management knowledge, To comprehensively improve the professional level and comprehensive quality of employees has played a very important role in epidemic prevention and control.




  As an auto parts enterprise, Angelet's delay in resuming work will not only cause loss of its own output value, but also adversely affect the production rhythm of domestic oems. Face of such situation, a majorjle DE will fight to do his duty completes the epidemic prevention work, actively into the war 'disease', with the development of epidemic prevention and control work gradually improve and promote return to work rehabilitation measures of perfecting, a majorjle DE have the confidence, strength, win the war "disease", guarantee the supply of our partner, brother unit supplies.