Looking up at the starry sky --- 2.15 thoughts on watching "The Wandering Earth"

  In order to further enrich employees' cultural life and enhance communication with each other, the company organized employees to watch the movie "The Wandering Earth" in Bona International Cinema on the afternoon of February 15th.

  As we all know, the film "Wandering Earth" is adapted from a short story written by Liu Cixin. The story is set in the future, the solar system will be destroyed 300 years later due to the catastrophe of the sun. Therefore, human beings launch the wandering Earth project, and take the Earth with them to escape from the solar system to the distant Constellation Centaurus. Stray plan is divided into five stages, the film selection in the second stage the escape time in the background, influenced by Jupiter's gravity, the global engine to a standstill, the earth is about to hit Jupiter, global human unprecedented unity, formed a coalition government, all teams work together to rescue of the planetary engine, the power of this global mobilization and scale is unprecedented. The following plot is also known as twists and turns, although because the earth will appear to disintegrate. In the past more than 30 hours of paid more than 150, ten thousand people in the rescue effort, to complete 71% of the engines restarted and 100% of the steering machine restart, but due to the mighty Jupiter's gravity has exceeded the total power output of engine and steering machine, the coalition government declared the stray earth plan fails, the people in that state of anger and despair, I can't help it. When the wandering Earth project finally succeeded, Liu decided to sacrifice himself and use the impact of the space station to ignite Jupiter, using the impact of the explosion to help the Earth escape Jupiter's gravity. In despair, people know that hope is bleak but never give up, not willing to sit back and wait to die, in order to save themselves, fight one after another, whether the protagonist Liu Peiqiang shows the spirit of sacrifice, or its team out of perseverance, unity, are deeply moved. The second is the spectacular planetary engine, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow floating waste earth world, and the earth wandering in the universe scene, these novels in the words of the grand imagination, visualized, with the big screen, can only be described as shock.

  After watching the movie, walking out of the theater, the employees are still immersed in the solemn and stirring atmosphere, the mood can not calm down for a long time. Perhaps the biggest charm lies in science fiction can let us in the world the hustle and bustle of clearance in occasionally up at the starry sky, at that time all the troubles will be forgotten, after all in the universe, we are too small, is dust, because of the small, so to unity, togetherness, cohesive forces, line epoch-making feat, it is the power of the team, It is also the strength of the earth family. At the same time, the most let a person touched or earth long trip in 2500, 100 generations of wandering, how tragic, this is how the poetry, the image will be drifted in the universe of infinite amplification, each of us become mankind homeless in the universe, on the other hand, under the cosmic scales will become infinite small earth, like a spark in the universe, To wait quietly in the vastness of the universe until the sun dies, and five billion years of grandeur becomes a fleeting dream, with only one word left: Earth, Earth! Our wandering earth.

  At the same time, employees are deeply felt the company's real concern, about the wandering the earth raises staff more exploration and thinking, and the plight in the film, people of that kind of one man, never give up the essence of, will inspire our employees in the next work solidarity, hard working, With more courageous and fearless energy to meet every challenge in the work, the company will organize more meaningful collective activities in the future.