Safety precautions are not in place, and loved ones will cry tomorrow

  In the morning of June 16th, Angelet Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. organized workshop staff to carry out safety knowledge training, aiming to enhance employees' awareness of safety protection and reduce production and operation risks.

  First of all, the host invites employees to explain their understanding of "safety", and then emphasizes the importance of safety. Employees also actively participate in the discussion, in-depth thinking, to have a further understanding of safety

  Next, the host introduces the concept of safety management, its specific links are: hazard identification, risk assessment, take safety precautions. With the help of a vivid example, the host led us to deeply analyze the hidden dangers and how to find and limit the occurrence of dangers.


  Then, it is to popularize basic knowledge of safety, from the usual habits to the production process of high-risk operation strict norms, employees in the safety awareness has been further improved.


  In the end, the host shared a micro film about the safety accident. The accident in the story was thought-provoking, and the employees also deeply realized that they should not take any chances. Safety always comes first!



  Life honest valuable, we should take an active response to the call of national production safety, firmly establish a new concept of development, adhere to the safe development, stick to the development must not be at the expense of security at the expense of the impassable red line, to prevent stem shift production safety accidents, adhere to the policy of safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, strengthen the leadership, innovation, Coordinate linkage, manages concertedly and focus on strengthening enterprise production safety responsibility, strive to plug up loopholes in supervision and management, to solve the problem of not complying with the laws and regulations, the strict responsibility system, strict measures under the rule of law, the basis of effective systems and mechanisms, strong and perfect the system of governance, strengthen the safety management ability. Through the training to further enhance the safety awareness of the employees of the enterprise, we have a deeper understanding of the importance of safety while building a solid production safety "firewall" laid a solid foundation.