Time will never give you tomorrow

  In life, there is always a lot to wait for. Waiting for a distant trip, waiting for a breathtaking love, waiting for the return of relatives, waiting for the party of friends, waiting for the telephone from afar, waiting for the removal of misunderstanding, waiting for the voice of flowers......

  In the silent waiting, the colorful years, decorated with a dull day, dressed up a beautiful tomorrow and smile. Waiting for our life is full of tenderness and longing, waiting for the long roll of life in the idea and dream, become colorful, become brilliant.

  There are big and small waiting in one's life, and people gradually forget what they are waiting for.

  In fact, a lot of things can not afford to wait, waiting for waiting, will change, life for decades, in a hurry, or reasonable arrangements, do a good job in the present want to do.

  Most of us like to wait, stubbornly believe that waiting is never wrong, beautiful years so day after day by waiting to consume. There are a lot of people's life is lost in a word, most people often say: such as the future; Etc. Not busy; The next time; When I have time, when I have money...

  But as you wait and wait, you don't do anything you want to do, you don't go anywhere you want to go, and the people you want to repay are getting old.

  But a year doesn't end up with a much thicker wallet than the previous year, and your time is still not free.

  Tolstoy said we are all waiting, waiting for someone else to save us. But who will save us? In fact, only to save themselves.

  Don't wait until you want to go home to spend time with your parents, who are getting old and used to being alone. Don't wait for the sunset to remember the hobby of youth and regret your wasted time. Don't wait until it is too late to act, not to remember, delay to do, regret and worry.

  There are so many tomorrows and tomorrows. I was born to wait for tomorrow. There are many tomorrows, but if people in the world are held back by tomorrows, then year after year, time flies, old age will come unconsciously, trance wasted time and nothing to do.

  Some words, some people, some things are not invariable, like or sorry, don't always hang in the mouth of the future, in this world, between the wave is different.

  Be willing to carve out time for yourself to do important things. Not all the waiting can withstand a few days.

  Time won't give you forever tomorrow.

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