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Xie Chaopin
Release date:2018-6-5 14:28:19

Xie zhaopin, male, senior expert and deputy director member of the expert committee of urban public transportation society of China civil engineering society.
He has been engaged in the practical work in the field of urban public transportation, which has played a positive role in promoting the development and innovation of urban public transportation policies, technologies and environmental protection. Nearly 20 years working experience in the practice of public transport field management, made him the control of market direction, the trend of environmental protection, energy conservation has a profound understanding of, all who participate in planning the marketing plan and marketing activities for a doubling of sales in the enterprise, the market share achieved leap development. Years of experience in marketing management have made him a well-known marketing management expert in the industry.

Education experience:
1991-1995 economic information management major of guizhou university of finance and economics
2001-2003 master degree in economic management, guizhou university

Work experience and position:
1996-1999 sales department of guizhou wanda bus factory acted as sales manager of south China region
2000-2007 xiamen jinlong united automobile co., LTD. Served as the deputy general manager of sales and general manager of Beijing branch
2008-2009 manager of djinlong customer service department and deputy general manager of domestic marketing company
2010.1-2010.12 nanjing Chen song transportation equipment co., LTD
2011.2-2012.2 Harbin weidi electronics co., LTD. Vice general manager
2012.4----------chairman of Beijing angelet technology co., LTD
2017---------- chairman of Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneurial experience:
Mr Xie Chaopin immersed in automotive safety, energy saving and environmental protection industry for many years, with the sense of mission and beliefs cause of environmental protection of automobile in 2012 led a group of young people has a public purpose, created a majorjle DE technology co., LTD., Beijing company sales reached one hundred and twenty million in 2017. In 2017 in a joint venture factory in wuxi city, jiangsu province, was founded AnSenEr technology (jiangsu) co., LTD., to produce in line with the advanced countries such as Germany, Britain, the United States standard of flame retardant materials, can solve the problem of flame retardant materials of core technology, with the bus fire retardant material's ability to compete with the world.
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