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Talent Strategy

Beijing Angelet Technology Co., Ltd. conforms to the changes in the competitive environment inside and outside the enterprise, and changes extensive human resource management to fine human resource management, transforming from simple market operation into human resource management with performance and ability as the main line, and paying more attention to enterprise literature on the basis of individual ability and value. The identity of the company and its performance and contribution to the company. To build an open and superior talent introduction platform, respect the value of talent and market rules, integrate the global elite personnel, develop and cultivate a back-up talent echelon with deep security and international professional quality, and strengthen the internal "hematopoiesis function" of the enterprise, and provide strong guarantee for the company's 2020 strategy.

Recruitment area

Recruit the sales elite
Post duties:
1. The company provides customer resources, product support and training in advance, and is led by regional managers to handle sales orders at home and abroad.
2, deal with customer orders, accumulate customer resources, responsible for the region's product promotion, promotion and sales;
3, develop your own sales plan, visit customers and develop new customers according to plan.
4. Assist regional manager to formulate sales strategy, sales plan, make sales budget and control sales cost;
5, do a good job in signing, fulfilling and managing sales contracts.
6. Summarize and coordinate the supply demand plan, and formulate the allocation plan.
Requirements for office:
1. The automotive industry has a high enthusiasm for sales.
2, the work has passion, love sales. Have your own career development goal, high salary.
The company provides a complete promotion mechanism for employees: technical sales consultant, regional manager, regional manager, marketing director. Generous welfare benefits, unconditional support for employees to integrate into the industry, to help employees improve their performance. And provide employees with the largest development platform and customer resources, and complete product knowledge training and career development planning training. We don't need you to have much experience, just love your work and passion!