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Beijing angelet technology co. LTD., as China's traffic safety, energy saving, environmental protection technology industry leader, is among the first to sound, noise reduction, insulation, flame retardant of new environmental protection materials introducing the enterprise in the field of transportation. Since its establishment six years ago, adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity in heart, trust in action", the company strives for survival with quality, and seeks development with service in the forefront of the market. So far, it has covered the high-end market of domestic economically developed cities and the overseas market of some bus and bus enterprises, and its products have been widely used in the domestic automobile industry, rail transit field and yacht import industry. In order to better meet and the promotion of the flame retardant of means of transport, sound and heat insulation performance, at the beginning of 2012 a majorjle DE began to integrate advantage of global resources, and in 2017 it established a joint venture factory, develop and manufacture more outstanding product performance and quality, to serve the wider market.。

Historical honor

  • 2014
    • In may, angelet won the 2014 best safety technology innovation award.

  • 2015
    • In may, angelet won the "best safety technology innovation award" again.
      In December, angelet won the "2016 passenger car supporting products recommended by China bus network".

  • 2016
    • Angelet made a major breakthrough in the field of rail transit

  • 2017
    • Angelet has set up a joint venture factory in China, with annual sales exceeding 120 million yuan

  • 2018
    • In May, he won the Best Environmental Protection Science and Technology Product Award in 2018 and the Safety Technology Innovation Award in 2018 of China Road Transportation Cup.

  • 2019
    • In May 2019, he won the "China Road Transportation Cup" Award for Safety Technological Innovation Products in 2019 and the Award for Environmental Technological Innovation Products in 2019.

Image data

  • With me, there is peace--Angelet promotional film

    With me, there is peace--Angelet
    promotional film

  • 2019 Beijing International Road Transport, City Bus and Parts Exhibition Photo

  • Video and photos of the 2018 Tianjin Auto Show

    2018 is an ongoing annual
    Angelet exhibition of car exhibitions in Tianjin Complete completion

  • Review video of the 2017 course

    2017 is a breakthrough of the year
    Sales volume exceeded 1.1 billion
    The subsidiary company Anne science and technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
    Behind the progress is the condensation of sweat and the regrets of youth.

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